5 Things to know about permanent hair removal

5 Things to know about permanent hair removal

The science of hair removal has grown by leaps and bound over the years. From the traditional shaving and waxing to more advanced and permanent techniques such as laser hair removal technologies. The new technologies are being sorted after because they guarantee complete hair removal. So, what should you know before going permanently on your hair removal?

  1. Must be performed by a qualified professional

Permanent hair removal techniques such as laser hair removals are quite sophisticated and cannot be done by a random person. So, if you choose this method, ensure that you go to a qualified and authorized skin professional such as a dermatologist. The professional will use either of the following hair removal lasers depending on what will suit you best. These include Alexandrite, Diode, and ND: YAG lasers. The skin is a very delicate organ and any wrong move can bring about life-threatening complications.

permanent hair removal

  1. The procedure is permanent

Unlike shaving and waxing, laser hair removals is a permanent procedure. The reason behind it is to deter the hair growth from taking place by destroying the hair follicles. But even still, one can experience mild hair growth after some time depending on one’s skin type and hair growth cycle. If this happens, then you can employ other hair removal methods such as hair plucking. Should you want to still feel hairy, then stick to waxing, shaving and other non-permanent hair removal procedures.

  1. Has potential side effects

Undergoing a permanent hair removal using laser method can pose several risks, especially if your general body condition does not allow. To be on the safe side, ensure that your doctor undertakes several tests to ascertain that the procedure poses no threat.

On the other hand, be aware of the possible side effects of the procedure. During and after the procedure, you will experience one or two of the following effects; general discomfort, burning sensations, itchiness, scarring, blistering, change of skin color and skin allergic reactions.

It is always advisable that after the laser hair removals procedure, you do not be exposed to the sun or perform other skin procedures immediately. Also, be alert on the symptoms so that in case they persist you seek urgent medical attention.

  1. The procedure is expensive

The procedure is more expensive compared to other hair removal methods like waxing. Laser method is considered to be a more cosmetic procedure; hence insurers will not cover for such cost. Generally, it will take a number of sessions to complete the laser hair removal. So, ensure to consult with your doctor to know how many sessions you will undertake.

How much you will be charged for the laser hair removals will depend on a number of factors. Skin experts such as a certified dermatologist will charge more for their services. Other factors include a number of sessions, target area and amount of hair to be removed. For instance, removing armpit hairs will cost less than removing hair from both your legs.

  1. Requires a number of sessions

The laser procedure is not a one-round thing. According to skin experts, it will require on average between 6 to 8 treatment sessions to achieve complete hair removal by laser. This is because people have different skin types and hair growth cycles. So, ensure that you complete all your prescribed sessions without fail.

The skin is a very delicate organ and you need to protect it at all cost. Seek medical advice first before you proceed to undertake any skin procedure. Prevention is always better than cure.


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