How To Wear A Kilt

How To Wear A Kilt

How To Wear A KiltA kilt is a knee-length pleated piece of clothing which is normally dressed in by men that is invented in the Highlands region of northern Scotland, kilts is similar to the twirl skirts with partly covered with aprons in the frontage and pleats in the backside. They are usually made of wool and trait a checkered pattern. The checkered conventionally symbolize a family’s ancestry or tribe, but nowadays men prefer checkered that is most appealing to them.

Jacket and Waistcoat

The style is totally your own choice. What style you choose that suits you totally depend upon you. Nowadays usually Crail and Argyll jackets are used for daywear whereas Prince Charlie jackets are used for evening wear.

Shirt and Tie

If you want to give your outfit a modern look then you should wear a Victorian collar shirt with a Ruche tie and if you would like to tie it by yourself then tie it down with a Windsor knot.


If you wanted to wear a kilt then it should be worn with the pleats to the back and the periphery on the right side. It is elevated on the waist at the belly button and this is the right way to wear a kilt as it permits it to fall down to the top of the knee.

How To Wear A Kilt

Kilt Pin

You should not use the kilt pin if you wanted to keep the kilt tied due to this the cloth may be damaged.

Belt and Buckle

These should be dressed in through the kilt loops that are located at the back and then it is fixed firmly on the frontage just over the sporran.


The flashes should match up with the colors contrasting to your kilt. These should be dressed into the side of the calf with the garter unseen with the top of the hose.


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