4 Tips to having a lasting marriage

4 Tips to having a lasting marriage

Marriage is a sacred institution that commences when two people meet, fall in love and exchange lifelong vows to share their lives together through thick and thin. It’s not always a bed of roses – there are days when you’ll feel like everything is falling apart. Psychologists suggest that people should marry their best friends. However, there should be a unique connection you share with your spouse.

Although there are many different definitions of love, one particular feature stands out distinctly: love isn’t just an emotion, it’s an unwavering decision to be with someone we truly care about. You shouldn’t stop loving someone because of mere disagreements or differences in opinion. That’s why it’s important to figure out how to get your ex back and make her yours again.

Here are 4 tips to having a lasting marriage:

  • Make sacrifices to show you care

If you constantly start arguments for all the wrong reasons, your spouse may gradually start feeling unappreciated. All ladies love being appreciated – it’s a well-known fact. So rather than harboring bitterness and ill motives towards your wife/hubby, make a few sacrifices that prove you still love them. Surprise her with a home-cooked dinner or take her out. Buy him a nice fitting suit. Go out of your way to make your partner happy. Marriages aren’t always a cakewalk, they take work and understanding from both parties.

  • Meet all their needs

When a man weds a woman he loves, there are certain vows that are exchanged. For any marriage to succeed, both partners ought to fulfil their vows. However, some situations are extremely sensitive and require the attention of a couple’s guidance counsellor. These include infidelity and major household conflicts. Here’s another tip: fulfil your partner’s conjugal needs. Intimacy is a key ingredient for any happy matrimony.

  • Spice things up

Familiarity breeds contempt. You’ve probably come across this proverb before, but is it actually possible to hate your spouse? Unfortunately, boredom can creep into a marriage quite easily. That’s why it’s crucial to spice up a variety of things in your marriage. If the spark between you two has faded, the first step is to acknowledge the issue at hand before addressing the elephant in the room. Next, sit down and talk it out with your partner. Identify the specific areas that need some rejuvenation. If it’s bedroom affairs, study appropriate resources that can help spice up your sex life. If the issue is communication, set regular date nights where you share everything that has been happening.

 lasting marriage


  • Be tolerant and forgiving

Some people allow their bloated egos to take control, with detrimental effects. Rather than bottling up negative feelings and channeling your anger towards your spouse, it’s wise to look for better avenues to vent. After all, if you truly care for someone, hurting them is the last thing that comes to mind. The art of forgiveness is a noble one – don’t escalate every single issue to massive proportions. Instead, learn how you can gain a tolerant and forgiving heart. Be mindful of your words and actions as well; they can either fortify or destroy your marriage.

These few tips will help you have a lasting marriage that stands the test of time.


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