4 Tips to Hiring a Translation Service on a Budget

4 Tips to Hiring a Translation Service on a Budget

Any time you want to get professional results, there’s a need to hire an expert. However, in the translation service industry, there’s always more than one professional to choose from. This makes it quite challenging to get a provider that can offer services equivalent to the value of your money.

To ensure that everything runs the way you want, evaluate a number of providers, see what they provide, and find out if the project can fit within your budget. Afterward, you can make a decision based on your findings. Here are some few things to consider when hiring a translation agency on a budget.

  1. Your Translation Needs

Every type of translation work has its own unique demands that the translator should meet in order to get the results you want. If you’re translating for marketing purposes, for instance, you need a company that can convert your message to target your audience in any nation.

It’s wise to find a translation service that best suits your material’s purpose. For instance, your legal documents can lack correct terminology if you’re relying on a translator who has no experience in that field. Hiring a right translator such as Lighthouse Translations would be the best decision in this case.

Another aspect to consider is the volume of work. Is the translator you’re considering flexible enough to meet strict deadlines? Do you need a full-time staff member to do the translation or is there need for a freelancer? For larger volumes of work that require quick turnaround times, it’s best to hire a company.

  1. Reputation

It may seem obvious but many people go for cheaper services without finding out whether their translator of choice can do a great job. The driving force behind such decisions is usually a desire to save money. However, you could easily compromise on quality by doing this. It may even cost you more if you’re to find a better translator afterward.

Good translators have a reputation that backs up their claims. They’ll have user reviews, testimonials, and several other footprints of a company that offers quality services. If you get a translator you’ve never heard of offering rock-bottom prices as compared to anyone else, be careful.

  1. Find Out the Rates

The most important thing to do when you’re operating on a low budget is to find out the rates that different translators offer by either calling or searching online. Never agree to pay a service provider on an hourly basis. If you are going for a by the word payment, ensure that the language doesn’t require more words to translate.

  1. Learn to Negotiate

Most translation projects such as technical manuals and legal contracts contain repetitive language. This gives less work to the translator. If you discover that your project’s wording is redundant, ask your service provider for a discount.


It can be a daunting task to find a good translation service that meets your needs especially when your budget is limited. However, never compromise your quality by going for the cheapest company. Look at some other important factors first. Then find out the rates and negotiate before agreeing to engage the translator of choice.


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