• Rastrapathi Bhawan-How beautifully Modi sworn in as PM of India

    Son of Tea Selling Man- How beautifully Modi sworn in as PM of India. Great struggle, Narendra Modi become 15 Prime Minister of India.

  • Nawaz Sharif reaches Delhi for Narendra Modi Swearing in Ceremony

    Pakistani Prime Minister reaches New Delhi for attending Indian New Prime Minister  Narendra Modi ‘s  Swearing in Ceremony.  Political Analyst say that is absolutely a wiser decision of Nawaz Sharif to meet on first day of his government and showing a brave politics. Hopefully this tour of Nawaz Sharif will make India-Pakistan...

  • India prove itself Ambassador

    India prove itself Ambassador by inviting all of SAARC countries Heads in Swearing in Ceremony of Narendra Modi. Including Pakistan all of SAARC countris rulers will attend Modi sworn in as PM of India.

  • Amazing buildings in the World

    COBRA TOWERS, Kuwait Burj Al Arab, United Arab Emirates Anti-Smog Building (Paris, France) Regatta Hotel Jakarta

  • Terrorist attack on Hamid Mir and blame for ISI

    Pakistan’s biggest private media channel GEO news Senior Anchor and columnist Hamid Mir who was injured yesterday in terrorist attack at Karachi. His life saved but this story left a horrible scene behind it because Hamid Mir, self, his family and his media team directly nominated ISI(Pakistan security Agency) for this attack....

  • Online Education, Growing Trend in Distance education

    Online education is growing trend in distant education. Students who cannot travel a long distance have found an alternative way to study now. At first, teachers gave online assignment and their submission. You were allowed to submit assignment through mails, then you started to make your assignment by searching data online. Now...

  • Importance of financial advisers in businesses and departments

    Financial adviser, a person capable of performing various tasks, is hired by various organizations. When anybody wants the right person for the job, then he hires professional for that for getting desired results. The same thing you consider in order to managing the finances. When you have ideas to invest income business,...

  • Social media marketing- New way of doing business

    Social media is a place of interaction with people. It is an important place, where ideas and information is created and shared with others. It is a virtual community, where people contact with each other and becoming closer. With the passage of time, it is becoming a necessary platform to chat. These...

  • A sad story of Malaysian airlines missed Flight MH370

    A message sent by airlines to the families that it is “beyond reasonable doubt” that plane has crashed and there is no survivor. Almost one week ago, Malaysia Airlines flightMH370 became invisible from the radar suddenly from the Vietnam’s coast of the China Sea. There were almost 239 people on the flight...

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