USD/RUB Analysis and Forecast

USD/RUB Analysis and Forecast

USD/RUB is currency pair between Russian rouble and US dollar, running almost thirty roubles to a dollar at present. The volatile can be seen from USD/RUB chart, it helps make to become more attractive for spreading betting. For getting the symptoms of manipulation, it is compulsory to keep an eye on USD/RUB news.

USD/RUB Analysis and Forecast

USD/RUB Analysis and Forecast

However one of among strongest factors which cause the influence on Russian rouble is oil price, as Russia is the main producer of natural gas and oil. The oil price is very important for the Russian economy, so it’s necessary to keep an eye on the future of oil market while deciding the next movement of USD/RUB technical analysis currency pair.
USD/RUB is among the most popular currency pair to trade Russian currency. No official sign is used for rubble. Russia is one of among four emerging markets (BRIC) and comes at the 8th number in the list of world’s economy. It is the top leading oil creator since 2011, so rubble creates influence in the change of energy prices globally.
USD/RUB chart:
The Russian economy is exposed to bring change in the worldwide financial market along as well as included in high developed countries and due to this reason it was a strike by crisis since 2008-2009. The rubble is facing severe pressure against dollar and euro pairs and the central bank of Russia may decide to increase interest rates to control the asset fight as well as to combat the inflation and make efforts to attract upcoming investment.
USD/RUB Chart help us determine that strong support has been provided by 30 roubles to the level of US dollars and there has been seen an increase in price in previous months. The present uptrend is marked in the below MACD levels clearly, as there was downtrend at the end of 2012. Tools of USD/RUB technical analysis will assist in this matter as there lay no major interventions of government. Generally, US dollar is becoming weak by its progressive quantitative exceptionally low rates of interest which is seen to last for some more years. It shows that if other currencies will not adopt the similar stance, steadily will become more important against US dollars.
USD/RUB forecast:
The past session in USD/RUB forecast, US docket is providing valuable updates to scenarios that kept therein of currency in previous months, but it cannot be perceived that they will hit the timbre mandatory to motivate the speculators. The surface level risk was NFIB small business optimism, inflation data (PPI) as well as US earnings.
These three carried the image of disappointment. Although, Intel, Fargo, and Morgan managed to hit the market predicted EPS values to retrench growth, but earning seems to be lowered frequently for some time and highlighting valued do not seem to be rosy. The extension of price values in USD/RUB forecasts generates small surprises and sentiment statement is offset through generic bull trend. Further, there is abundant of organized event risks in order to weigh the greenback.


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