Get advantages from 10 stunning Business tools

Get advantages from 10 stunning Business tools

I always search for accessible, new applications and tools which can assist me to get huge sales increase my business growth and simply assist me to do things in a new way. In this advance era of online business management, project management, acquisition and social media are great areas to be focused as these things are going to be theme now. From my point of view, these business tools are much effective to work as invaluable assets not only for small business but also for individual also. Let’s take these tools to get real idea about what should expect from them.

Get advantages from 10 stunning business tools


  1. Comindware:

Comindware project is among those tools that are user friendly and quite innovative project collaboration and management tools present in market. It provides solution to manage and plan business related projects that are being handled through various teams and contain tough deadlines. It is a great tool to increase productivity and help enhance cross-team collaboration.

  1. Visme:

Visme is actually a platform for visual content that almost every marketer wants to use. It gives new sense to visual content that is created from your data. It is considered perfect for making mobile animation, presentations, banner ads, charts and much more.

  1. Sendible:

It helps businesses to organize their activities on social media in best way and for best understanding of ROI. Their aim is to best execution and delivery of product with best customer service at same time.

  1. Livecontrol:

Livecontrol allows you to make business website without any code or experience. It also provide the facility to control its design for four various views.

  1. Yanado:

This tool is best for task management as well as for email management. This provides ability to make your inbox an all-in-one company dashboard for responding and creating specific business tasks.

  1. Teamstory:

Teamstory is a social network for entrepreneurs and startups. This awesome community allows you share your quotes, links and moments. You can now connect with another stunning entrepreneur in all over the world.

  1. Brand24:

This is a developed online brand which deals with listening and looking for that is happening on social media regarding your brand. It is among one of most effective asset through which you can get best results. You can enjoy its features like, email alerts, customer insights, infographics, automated PDF reports and alike.

  1. Everypost:

The sector of social networking is exploding now that’s why Everypost is greatly focused. This tool is acclaimed to be highly publishing application that is being used by experts for social and content marketing.

  1. Mass planer:

Mass planner is tool for social scheduling which is being used for scheduling all updates on the best social networking sites. Instead of repeating same message manually on twitter, Facebook and like others, you can now perform it in single step. This tool is best to save time required to update your information on social sites.

  1. Product hunt:

It is not just a basis for latest tools, applications or product to hit market. It is considered the network of innovators, thinkers and entrepreneurs who feel happy to distribute their knowledge with other site members.


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