Due to advancement of technology now people touch one another less

Due to advancement of technology now people touch one another less

In this advance era of computing advancement of technology, human touch sensation is becoming disappeared and with this component of human personality, a novelist said.

Due to advancement of technology now people touch one another less

In his fiction novel of 1957: “The Naked Sun Isaac Asimov” discovered a world named as Solaria, where fixed and tiny human population spends their lives on massive states and waiting upon by the robots’ scores. The social ambience of Solarians has resemblance with the Russian novel of 19th century. A careful look towards ranking and social background is just improved through their strange fact that is delivered through material need or requirement of sex; these Solarians have included a strict taboo against any kind of physical closeness. Indeed, they never share a room together, for touch or any kind of interaction between them takes place through “holographic telepresence”. This is just like 3 dimensional conference call. So, solarians indulge the term “viewing” in place of “visiting” each other.

While writing in late 1950s, he saw around himself the consequences of combined effort of automated distribution and production with telecommunication – namely, a stable decrease in the duration and number of personal contacts that an individual required to make in any given day, but if years of Eisenhower promised a developing world that contained machined efficiency. Which is decoupled from primitive vagaries of individual human biology, then how many just like Solaria has its own world will become in the dominant half-century?

Due to advancement of technology now people touch one another less

It is true that we hardly delivered from working necessity to automation, although many individual among us have doubt about our work, like this, that it has been divorced from real origin of sustenance. Moreover, a hidden and major infrastructure and division of the labors is basically that under which the way of our lifestyle like inanition and consumption lies. Although we do not enjoy robot servants, but we rely on the traffic control procedure of cybernetic and assembly lines of robot in order to save us from disorganized businesses for getting peoples and individuals to do and make for us. While during holographic telepresence, we spend a large amount of time for the communication through internet. A large amount of human interactions and communications are now being facilitated through capacitive sensing technology, which is able to measure the electrical conductivity inside a human body. Some of the ancient philosophers have seen this by confirming their views that a “vital spark” is present is every animate matter.

However, what an automatic door, shopping through internet, touch screen and even sweatshop piece of Bangladeshi who made the trousers are all depriving us because it includes the exercise made by us for the use of  six sense that is touch itself and specifically they are urging us the requirement to touch people. Yet we are not Solarians but we are going there. I want to return to that kind of hierarchical society where a lady or a gentleman starts the day by becoming dressed through her maid or his valet.


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