4 Ways to use silk screening for marketing purposes

4 Ways to use silk screening for marketing purposes

Silk screening for labels is now a common marketing strategy. The process is famous for products that may encounter water, outside conditions, or goes through regular washing. Silk screened labels are permanent, unlike paper options that can fade or fall off a container. The benefit to a silkscreen is that it will always maintain the look and feel of the product through its lifecycle. The marketing option is ideal for both plastic and glass bottles and jars. The process involves the use of a photographically treated screen supporting an ink-blocking stencil directly onto the item to be decorated. Silkscreen involves applying each color individually and using a new filter for each color.

silk screening

Epoxy-based and UV curable inks are the most common types of ink used. Here are four ways to use silk screening for marketing purposes.

  • Logoed Glassware. Custom glasses and beer mugs can change your business’s marketing and dramatically improve its image. This strategy is excellent since you will be quenching your customers’ thirst and at the same time, reminding them about your company’s positive attributes. This promotional glassware is created from high-quality glass that is durable and can survive the occasional bump or slip. Personalized beer mugs come with durable handles that are attached to the main body for ease of carrying. Your potential buyers will not worry about losing their favorite drinking vessels to careless slips or falls. You can personalize your glassware in different ways including printing your logo, adding a phone number, or using a catchy slogan.
  • Drawing Fluid. Drawing fluid is an excellent way to use silkscreen as a marketing strategy. The screen filler fluid, which is found in most supply stores, is brushed directly on the silk-screen frame that is stretched taut with a synthetic screen. Wait for the screen to dry before printing. Any part that is left open will print, and so the printer must think in terms of negative space. Many people prepare a design and tape it under the drawing to guide them as they brush on the screen filler fluid.
  • Medical Devices. Most companies that produce medical drugs will have their company logo and details branded on the container. The labels can either print their components on silicone rubber, plastic, or glass. Most of the medical devices require close tolerance printing. Therefore, if you are in the medical business, you will need to look for a silk-screening company that is experienced and can print on a wide variety of materials.
  • Beauty Products. Silk screening is important in serving the ever-changing and challenging needs of the health and beauty industry. Every label needs to stay ahead of the completion through developing a unique and most cost-effective solution to the product’s decorating needs. Most companies use the pad printed cylindrical and waisted bottles when screen-printing. Companies can use semi-automatic screen printers for small projects or opt for high-speed screen printers for millions of bottles and jars.

Make sure you select a company that will look at all the appropriate options and guides you to the right bottle and labeling for each product. Silk screening in Escondido ensures that they select the right size, shape, and closure that will catch the attention of your customers.


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