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    How world population growth effecting economy

    The economy of country is affected by various factors like capital goods, human and natural resources. These factors have great influence in the development of economy. The most important recourse is human resource, because they utilize the natural resources present in country. They make different strategies and plans to utilize them efficiently....

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    Small business growth in the world

    In the recent quarters, the economy of U.S growth became slow and it seems that nobody is considering much business. A famous company for financial information named as Sageworks found many industries, where the growth of small businesses is increasing. This trend is being watched over the last twelve months and the...

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    Alternative energy sources

    Alternative energy is the power which comes from different sources. It includes those sources which do not run out, don’t pollute our environment and do not leave any harmful material in result, which is dangerous for human health and environment. It also includes some fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, oil etc. ...

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    Iran nuclear weapons- A threat to West

    Iranian nuclear weapons will have serious effect for the security of America and allies. The nuclear plan of Iran is clear and they have the capability of nuclear weapons. For more than eighteen years, this thing was kept secret. In November 2011, a report was released, which give evidence about Iran that...

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    History of April fools day

    There is no clear history of April fools day. There are many mysteries regarding it. According to the references it is considered the day of jest and japes and you can find information regarding it by looking previous history and in the Canterbury Tales of Chaucer’s. You can also find its concept...

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    Top 10 Most Richest people in the world

    Richest people in the world are the craze to become and also amazing to know. Many people want to know the top richest people in the world and they want to know about themselves, their style of living and their contribution in the world. Below, we have listed top ten richest people...

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    7 habits of highly effective people

    Every good habit can lead us towards good end and many people always search for good habits and make role models for them and try to copy them so that they also become successful like them. It is difficult to find 7 habits of highly effective people, which you can follow to...

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    Most famous left handed people in the World

    1. Barack Obama,  famous left handed people 2. Bill Gates, famous left handed people 3. Bill Clinton, famous left...

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    Child labour laws and facts

    Child labour is playing remarkable role in changing the economical and social life of nation over many years. For agriculture and handicraft, child labour is an important part. Children work on their family farms; they are also hired for other farmers as well. Boys between the ages of ten to fourteen have...

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