Pakistan’s truck art is coming to Dubai

Pakistan’s truck art is coming to Dubai

Tribal Truck Art’s organizer Anjum Rana says her affection for the artistic expression started as a young lady growing up near Peshawar.

Pakistan's truck art  Pakistan’s celebrated around the world truck craftsmanship is coming to Dubai – as an eatery and bar.
 Truck art is very common in Pakistan and South Asia, where transports and trucks are beautified to help their operators to remember home as they are far from their homes, frequently for quite a long time. This art incorporates bright works of calligraphy, verse and other ornamental changes, for example, mirrors, wooden carvings, and chains or pendants.

 The venture is driven by Tribal Truck Art, a Pakistan-based association that attempts to save this one of a kind, home-developed type of folk art, which initially ended up noticeably conspicuous to numerous abroad when Western voyagers started taking photos of the vigorously painted and lavishly enriched trucks handling the streets of Pakistan.
 Tribal Truck Art’s originator Anjum Rana says her adoration for the work of art started as a young lady growing up close Peshawar.
 “I generally respected it. The blossoms, the hues, the energy of its lines,” she said. “Each time a truck went past me, I recorded the verse I saw on the truck and appreciated it.”

 In 2000, Rana established Tribal Truck Art. From that point forward, she’s ventured to the far corners of the world, exhibiting the art in places as different as Paris, Milan, Jakarta and the Heritage Transport Museum in Gurgaon, India. She has utilized the truck art style to design objects extending from mugs and porcelain plates to ice chests and T-shirts. She has even been perceived by Unesco, which gave her the 2008 Award of Excellence for Handicrafts.


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